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Original Phish T Shirts and Custom Made "Lot" T Shirts
I dont really make shirts any more becuse they are a pain in the ass
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"IT" Phish T Shirt
"Flower of Life"

Phish IT Flower of life tshirt

This Phish shirt is a beautiful design celebrating the It festival. One of the most amazing Phish festivals in Maine.

"Flower of Life"
Guys and gals T-shirts


Slave to the traffic Light - Front of shirt

Slave Plate- Back of shirt

I first made this phish shirt in 1995 for
Phish's summer tour .
I only print this shirt on white tshirts because the bubbles are too difficult to cut out.
The Vermont "Slave" licence plate on the back of the shirt is very cool

Very Rare "Phan Halen" Phish Tshirt Phish T-Shirt

"Living At A Pace That Kills"

This rare Phish t shirt is very cool and very difficult to make since I cut it out meticulously with a razor blade.

The back is optional and reads
"Living at a pace that Kills"

Phan Halen Phish T Shirt